Turn Your Brain On

206. Is there anything to turn on?

Lack of motivation is the bane of the human being. We are constantly looking for the reason that drives us to do something. If we are in a situation of relative well-being, we risk becoming lazy and withering. Why should I exercise my creativity today? I have worked. I am tired, and I do not want to make an effort to find something interesting. Better TV or streaming, just press a button and watch something, so I rest my brain.

And even in that case, incredible to say, it is too much effort to scroll through that endless list of seemingly inviting offers. Horror or spy? Mystery or science fiction? But hadn’t I seen this before? Bah!

It takes a moment to shut down the brain. And the more we keep it off, the more we become prey to those who use it incessantly to fuck us. Until yesterday we needed the propagandist or the criminal on duty. Today we are constantly bombarded by sometimes subtle technology.

Of course, it’s easy to complain. It rains, thieving government; corrupt politicians; it’s all a magna magna, ah, bad luck !; eh, but this 2020 is just a year to leave behind; we hope for a better future.

And nothing changes because the brain remains off, and we are again at the mercy of those who live to improve or to cheat us.

Okay, but what does it take? You will say.

It is tiring, and it is difficult, it is against the trend, it is frowned upon, it is undesirable to turn on the brain.

Because you get dull, boring, you never feel good about anything, break others’ soul when “there are people here trying to relax or enjoy life.”

Meanwhile, those who think more and better than you live better than you.

It is not easy. It takes the ability to overcome difficulties, frustration, and strain on one’s self-worth, values, ​​and beliefs.

But how much better can you be by striving to be better?

Infinitely better.

Turn on that damn brain. That’s the most important thing you have, don’t make it mold.

Try, for example, to devote time each day to focus on a creative activity. Whatever it is.

Watching streaming is fine too. But stop, think, what did you see? What did that mean? Where have you seen something like this before? How was it the same or different? What can you imagine will happen in a similar context? Has this ever actually happened to you? No? Why?

Life is beautiful and can be lived careless of its flow or treasuring every moment that passes.

Being present requires commitment.

Commit yourself.

206. Is there anything to turn on?
206. Is there anything to turn on?

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