Conjuring Creativity

Conjuring Creativity

We become more creative with addition and subtraction: by removing distractions and waste and adding stimuli in time and space.

I remember my father stumbling into the bag on his way out. Hung from the door, he could not miss it. Sometimes on Sundays, he would leave before dawn to go fishing. He loved spending time outdoors, alone. He didn’t care much about catching the bigger fish. After long days of work, he would steal time from sleep to enjoy nature before spending time with his family.

I always admired his being organized and accountable when planning for what he had to do and what he loved to do. That reminded me of how we learn to remember important things and make space for what we love.

Write a story”, said my friend Marco Genovesi,  “Do not waste words explaining what you have been doing for this silent year. We love stories. Be yourself.”

I love to write. This newsletter, and this blog, remind me that I need to create something and share it. After one year of online silence, I am writing again. I am making the space to create. Again.

And that makes me feel alive.