Hi, I am Massimo Curatella.

I am a Strategic Designer and a Facilitator. I write about design, education, facilitation, and Systems Thinking.

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  • Morellino di Scansano
    Alcohol is bad for health. Prove me wrong and I’ll invite you for a drink.
  • Give Me Endless Stories
    I don’t like the end of stories. Why shall I interrupt being transported in another world and another time?
  • Dear Future Me, Prepare to Be CREAZEE, Again
    Letter to my future self. Thoughts and questions about the CREAZEE Challenge and the forming community.
  • My 100 Ideas to Write About
    An exercise in ideation. My list of ideas, topics, and themes to get inspiration from when I want to write a new article.
  • Containing Large Multitudes
    I am Max. Massimo Curatella if you want the full name. Presenting myself has always been a problem.
  • I am ready, I am CREAZEE
    When you recognize fear, you can manage it. Fear means you are alive, and you are living exciting moments.
  • My 12 Favorite Problems
    You should always be working on a dozen of your favorite problems. What are yours?
  • Write 100 Ideas, Now
    Change your attitude towards what you want and what you can create by exercising your creativity. Be CREAZEE!
  • What have you learned today?
    If you want to become a better learner and give a higher value to your experiences, keep track of what you have learned daily.
  • Stay superficial, stay amateur!
    I have serious problems in finding the motivation and the time to study properly. Especially about what is supposed to be for me solid acquired knowledge.
  • Buonanotte
    Free-flowing writing, if you’re brave, is the only thing you can do when it’s almost time to sleep.
  • Learning Out Loud: What is a Customer Journey
    In an HCD process, a Customer Journey is a tool to learn about our users’ potential and intentional experience.
  • Time Traveling
    You need to respect yourself more. Respect the hard work you have done. Don’t ruin it.
  • Start to create, now
    What was the most critical event determining my 117 daily articles written and published in a row? Starting.
  • Living in Information by Jorge Arango, book review
    There is a strong parallel between the characteristics and the influences of physical places on our lives and what worlds of information living in immaterial digital existences are having on them.
  • Daily Writing Habit Learning Challenge, a first draft
    Challenge yourself to build a daily writing habit. Here is the alpha version draft outline. Let’s learn together.
  • Find a balance between theory and practice, management and execution
    Get out of the office, put down your phone and see if you can do some practical work in your field, you’ll have immense benefits.
  • Open questions vs. Closed questions
    Ask closed questions to have quick confirmation without provoking further discussion. Ask open questions to explore, learn and facilitate richer conversations.
  • Daily writing doesn’t make it automatically good
    On top of the continuity, you need to create valuable content. When is the right time to assess what you have written?
  • Think more about your future self
    You can change your future by acting today. Rather than focusing on an abstract person in an intangible setting think about your future self.

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Massimo Curatella has multiple angles.

Massimo Curatella

I am a Senior Experience Designer, a Facilitator, a Trainer, and an Educator.

I work as a Senior Strategic Designer in the fields of Service DesignUX DesignInteraction DesignUser ResearchUser Interface DesignUsability Testing and managing small remote groups of designers and developers.

I the last 25 years I have been designing, developing, writing, speaking and teaching about digital technologies.

I am expanding my online and live Facilitation services to cover: Collective Intelligence Design, Systems Practice and Systems Change.

I aim at improving the well-being of people and the planet while promoting the sustainable adoption of new technologies and co-designing ecosystem-centered solutions. I facilitate learning processes by simplifying the complex.

I believe in Systems ThinkingCritical Thinking and Design Thinking and I feel I have never learnt enough about being more effective and efficient with those disciplines.

I am writing about my experience on this blog. Something I wanted to do for more than 20 years.

You can subscribe for my newsletter to receive updates on my work and my writings.

I am based in Rome, Italy. Although I can travel I would prefer remote work.

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