Hi, I am Massimo Curatella.

I am a Strategic Designer and a Facilitator. I write about design, education, facilitation, and Systems Thinking.

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  • Reflecting, Again, On My Daily Writing Habit Practice
    I’m carving back my space for private writing. It’s a different need in a different context. I have nothing to demonstrate to anybody.
  • Hypothetical Backwards Remediation
    I write daily and I find immense benefits in writing but it is hard and harder.
  • Morning Golden
    Writing in the morning feels more focused and productive. Not directly related to daily blogging but that’s acceptable.
  • Happy Writing About Writing
    So this is a meta-post, it’s how I feel about the fact that I wrote, today.
  • A.I. isn’t as Advanced as I Need It, Yet.
    Hemingway, give me the will to write.
  • Curated Writing
    Today I made an experiment. I am not going to publishing anything I am not going to feel comfortable with. That’s it.
  • The Daily Pain of Writing
    The more I keep on writing daily. The more I feel like I don’t want to do it. I have made a commitment. I will write and publish daily on my blog for one year….
  • Estimation and planning
    When estimating a change request you need to be careful with the remaining planning
  • Trust is Expensive and Delicate
    Working to build trust is a slow and careful process requiring focus and resources, continuously.
  • The Value of Experience
    The experience I made in a technical field came useful today when I had to explain to a peer how to face a certain context. I realized I had a clear vision about the problem,…
  • Boutique, Barrique
    La ferita è dolorante, La cura meticolosa, Il fuoco latente, Ma proprio non è cosa. La delusione è cocente, L’ardito riposa. La trama lucente Nell’immaginazione, sontuosa.
  • Quiet Nights and Quiet Dreams
    Today I enjoy greater tranquility but I observe dormant dreams and storms. It is true that while you imagine a different life, life, the real one, happens to you. I find it hard to let…
  • Strong Feelings, Strong Memories
    The power of trauma engraves events deeply in your memory. I can clearly see what’s around me, what my friend is saying on the phone and the images passing through an old TV set broadcasting…
  • Free-Flowing Reflections on my Writing Practice
    What I like and what I don’t, about my daily writing practice.
  • Dissatisfaction as a Motivation to Change
    Feeling like you should be doing different things, or getting different results  can be a good force for change.
  • Strategy and Planning
    Keeping the right balance between abstract, speculative thought and practical, executive planning requires careful dedication and self-awareness.
  • Learning Pains
    And it is so good.
  • Creating Choice by Managing your Personal Knowledge
    To create choices I need information and the capability of making connections between them. PKM helps.
  • Trees of the past and future
    At every moment of my life I’m at the intersection of two trees, one made of all of the events occurred and the decisions I made which brought me to today and the other made…
  • Beauty is in How it Works
    a beautifully designed object is something that works well, for the purpose it has been created for.

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Massimo Curatella has multiple angles.

Massimo Curatella

I am a Senior Experience Designer, a Facilitator, a Trainer, and an Educator.

I work as a Senior Strategic Designer in the fields of Service DesignUX DesignInteraction DesignUser ResearchUser Interface DesignUsability Testing and managing small remote groups of designers and developers.

I the last 25 years I have been designing, developing, writing, speaking and teaching about digital technologies.

I am expanding my online and live Facilitation services to cover: Collective Intelligence Design, Systems Practice and Systems Change.

I aim at improving the well-being of people and the planet while promoting the sustainable adoption of new technologies and co-designing ecosystem-centered solutions. I facilitate learning processes by simplifying the complex.

I believe in Systems ThinkingCritical Thinking and Design Thinking and I feel I have never learnt enough about being more effective and efficient with those disciplines.

I am writing about my experience on this blog. Something I wanted to do for more than 20 years.

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I am based in Rome, Italy. Although I can travel I would prefer remote work.

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