Hi, I am Massimo Curatella.

I am a Strategic Designer and a Facilitator. I write about design, education, facilitation, and Systems Thinking.

Some highlights from my website curatella.com:

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  • Reflections on Habitual Group Creativity
    I’ve created CREAZEE to find external incentives in maintaining my daily writing habit. How can I improve it?
  • Make The System Visible
    A design principle to understand how a system works and how making specific choices generates scenarios and consequences.
  • Writing Every Day Without a Plan Can Be Boring
    I can only look forward, farther, and plan, in advance, to develop the questions I am raising when improvising like this. It would be enough to read what I wrote so far.
  • For whom are you writing?
    There are different audiences for your writing. Your present self trying to understand something new. Your future self to whom you want to transfer the knowledge you acquired today. Your future self needing to combine…
  • The First Iteration of My First Note.
    Here is where I think, I am not just transcribing my thoughts, these are my thoughts.
  • Making Permanent Notes
    Permanent notes are a space to think, learn and ideate. There are perspectives in opening your brain to collective intelligence.
  • Personal Thought Experiments Are Powerful Imagination Development Tools.
    The value of repeating the effort of imagining a specific scenario could help to develop your imagination skills
  • Another Person
    I’m a problem solver. I’m especially fond of impossible problems. I’m the impossible problems solver, the Impossible problems solver. This is the mythical man I want to be.
  • Another Time
    Or I could travel to the future when there is no pain, no violence, no need to work to live but pure energy pervading the universe.
  • Another Place
    This happens when I am bored. Really bored.
  • Start, Stop, Continue. Considerations.
    A final consideration on the creative exercise of Start, Stop, Continue.
  • Things I Should Start Doing
    Meet people again, write my books, exercise, have more generative conversations, pursue my interests, doing interviews, reread what I wrote, make art, playing the bass, story about my experience.
  • Continue Doing
    Continue to write daily. to take long walks to read every day, to track key events, to plan your time, to have meaningful conversations, to share your knowledge, to collaborate.
  • Things You Should Stop Doing When Managing Information
    Starting from scratch. Separating information. Reading later. Separating projects. Taking notes. Processing information inconsistently. Collecting information randomly. Complicating your life.
  • Turn Your Brain On
    Life is beautiful and can be lived careless of its flow or treasuring every moment that passes. Being present requires commitment.
  • Slowly Connecting Pieces into Larger Ones
    .So, I do want to write an essay, as well, and this is how I am setting it up. How will you write your essay?
  • When no is no
  • No Internet, No Thinking?
    How much would I like to turn off the Internet intentionally to re-establish a healthier relationship with my brain?
  • Thanks, Technology
    Today I used technology to be better, now and in the future. And I am grateful for that.
  • Writing is not writing
    It’s the complex, intimate, and personal process of collecting and developing our thoughts to put them in a tangible form that humankind can decode.

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Massimo Curatella has multiple angles.

Massimo Curatella

I am a Senior Experience Designer, a Facilitator, a Trainer, and an Educator.

I work as a Senior Strategic Designer in the fields of Service DesignUX DesignInteraction DesignUser ResearchUser Interface DesignUsability Testing and managing small remote groups of designers and developers.

I the last 25 years I have been designing, developing, writing, speaking and teaching about digital technologies.

I am expanding my online and live Facilitation services to cover: Collective Intelligence Design, Systems Practice and Systems Change.

I aim at improving the well-being of people and the planet while promoting the sustainable adoption of new technologies and co-designing ecosystem-centered solutions. I facilitate learning processes by simplifying the complex.

I believe in Systems ThinkingCritical Thinking and Design Thinking and I feel I have never learnt enough about being more effective and efficient with those disciplines.

I am writing about my experience on this blog. Something I wanted to do for more than 20 years.

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I am based in Rome, Italy. Although I can travel I would prefer remote work.

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