Exploring Personal Knowledge Management: A Process of Growth and Connection

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A habitual creativity challenge to refine the process of observing, understanding, learning, and applying knowledge.


My Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) approach is a structured process for organizing and reflecting upon acquired knowledge.

I manage my knowledge in four phases:

  1. Capture: the starting point of PKM, where I gather information, ideas, and observations. Every piece of knowledge, big or small, is collected for later analysis.
  2. Integration: I combine new information with what already exists in my archive. This process allows me to review and update my previous knowledge in light of discoveries.
  3. Connection: I strive to find links between seemingly unrelated ideas. It’s an exercise that stimulates critical and creative thinking, often leading to new perspectives.
  4. Sharing: where reflections and connections take a shareable form. Whether it’s a detailed note or a brief article, I aim to make my findings accessible and useful.
  5. Reflection: I iterate on the process trying to update it in the light of discoveries and improvements.

Through iterating my PKM method, I build a deeper and more articulated understanding of the world around me.


I am a Master Capturer(TM) but I frequently risk falling into the Collector’s Fallacy black hole. I tend to capture without checking the reason why something is resonating with me. So I end up with an immense quantity of bits and pieces that prevent me from moving beyond the initial capturing phase. What if I do less capturing and more connecting?

How can I apply this method to what I already know and have written about myself? I want to collect questions, prompts, and curiosity to make my PKM work for me.

A Habitual Creativity Challenge?

What if I applied what I learned with CREAZEE and challenged myself to write every week about my PKM process?

I am terrified at the idea of committing myself publicly to publish a newsletter every week.

That is why I am doing it.

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