Launching CREAZEE Sprint

CREAZEE Sprint 1. Songwriting, Filmmaking, and Creativity with Marco Genovesi

In an informal conversation with a good friend, I explored creativity, songwriting, filmmaking, and how music can help people to be more hopeful.

Marco Genovesi, my first guest, is a songwriter, music composer, and professional Visual Effects Artist.

We discussed the creative process of creating a song when collaborating with other artists with different roles. Marco received an audio track, and he got inspired to write the lyrics. In the conversation, he explains how he imagined the words and facilitated the inspiration of creating in different moments and places.

So we discussed continuity in creativity, the surprise of finding things when you have to work with others, and the fact that it helps serendipity and pushes you to think differently. 

It’s not a secret that this video might not look refined.  I decided to do it while on the road without overthinking it.

I got inspired by another good friend, David Orban, who said: “Why don’t you just do it?”

And I did it! Without the comfort of my studio and an adequate microphone, a fast connection,  a good camera, or high-quality local recording: I did it! All of that was limiting the quality of the final product but didn’t limit the content. Those constraints helped to make it profound and focused.

Since then, I have recorded other conversations and can’t wait to share them.

I’m proud of this initiative. I invite you to listen and watch the first episode.

Welcome to CREAZEE Sprint.

CREAZEE Sprint 1. Songwriting, Filmmaking, and Creativity with Marco Genovesi

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