Bruno Munari

An Italian designer with the gift of intelligence and kindness. He introduced me to Design Thinking for the first time.

Donella Meadows

A mother, among the many, of Systems Thinking. Read my notes on her book: Thinking in Systems. She taught me how to dance with systems.

Bret Victor

Interaction Designer, intends to invent a humane medium in which the thinkers of the next century will see, understand, and create systems.

Peter Senge

A father, among many, of Systems Thinking. “Think about forest, Max, not systems“. He said to me during a meeting.

Ken Robinson

Teacher, writer, researcher, adviser and speaker. An education systems revolutionary who can make you laugh. School failed us. Lets rebuilt it.

Shane Parrish

Helping you master the best of what other people have already figured out. Sharpen your mind with a Critical Thinking mastermind.