The habit of building habits

The Meta-Habit-Building skill is fractal and recursive.

Writing every day for 365 days, I’ve learned to build habits.

The most significant learning of this whole experience has been the one of contributing to my self-growth. By finding the way to be consistently and continuously practicing and learning, I have discovered more about myself and my behaviors.

Soon after I started my challenge to write daily, I’ve found myself recording my notes while walking.

So, daily writing became daily walking. I’ve walked for more than 1’000 km in a year, for a total of 2’000 km in two years. I cannot conceive a day, now, without having even a short walk. You can imagine the benefits, but this is another story I will tell somewhere else.

How can you write about your thoughts, only, without confronting yourself with what other excellent human beings have said? That’s how my daily reading habit started. Of course, I’ve been reading all my life, but I have never consistently tracked the books. So I’ve challenged myself to read at least ten books a year, then it became 12, now it’s 14. And I am doing it.

My next challenge is about sharing. I want to absorb new knowledge and experiences and sharing them through my view lenses. And that is why I’ve started my blog.

What am I going to be tomorrow?

I am working on it today.

You choose to be who you are by repeatedly doing what you decide to do, consistently, continuously.

The Meta-Habit-Building skill is fractal and recursive.
The Meta-Habit-Building skill is systemic, fractal, iterative, and recursive.
(Thanks to Jorge Arango for the inspiration found in the cover of the book “Mastery”.)

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