The Journey is the Purpose

Writing is thinking and if you cannot think clearly you cannot write.

Writing every day for 365 days, I’ve learned that I feel like it doesn’t mean much to me as soon as I achieve a goal.

I’ve experienced the hedonic adaptation phenomenon.

We tend to get back to an everyday mood despite peaks of negative or positive feelings. We adapt quickly to a new situation after a rise in happiness. That’s why the exhilaration of happy moments doesn’t last long.

If I stop to reflect, I realize that the journey I go through while writing every day is much more meaningful to me.

That can be found in many wise words by smart people. You tend not to believe it until you experience it.

It grew on me an expectation of uncontainable happiness and fulfillment if I ever reached my writing goal for one year. But when I’ve started to approach the end of the challenge, I’ve begun asking myself: and then? How will I feel when I will have written for one year, every day?

And it went even worst on the last day. I was planning on celebrating and making a party and writing how I felt about it. But the excitement was not there. It felt empty and shallow. I wrote half a million words, and so what?

A lot happened. And it will take time for me to realize it.

We should aim at following the process rather than being fixated with the goals.

This is Essay 1 of 30 in the my challenge One Year Writing: 30 Lessons Learned in 30 Days

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