Be Less Ambitious, Be More Consistent

Be less ambitious, be more consistent

Writing every day for 365 days, I’ve learned to lower the bar and to reduce expectations.

It has always been easy for me. When I start something, I quickly go in the flow, I usually have fun, and I produce something decent. Almost everything is generally almost easy for me.

And this is where perfectionism killed my creativity. To do too much, I’ve got stuck, and I didn’t do anything.

It happened after I’ve reached a good publishing pace—one article per week on my blog. Then I took the challenge of summarizing a complex and rich experience, and the draft started to grow. One thousand, two thousand, five thousand words. And I didn’t even finish it.

Reading and rereading, writing and rewriting, it became too much. I’ve started to get nausea.

And I failed. That draft is still sitting there. And I still have a terrible feeling if I think about it.

I’ve finally found the hard things. And you can face them only by taking a little chunk of them. Piece by piece. By making each piece so easy to accept that it’s almost effortless.

For instance, like this short essay, knowing I have only one page to fill on something so present to my mind makes my work not only comfortable but fun.

I couldn’t sleep. This essay came to my mind, spontaneously. I had to get up to write it at 2 am. It took me just the time to write it in one go.

Make your work easy to be done so that you cannot miss it. You’ll achieve great results.

This is Essay 05 of 30 in the my challenge One Year Writing: 30 Lessons Learned in 30 Days

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