OsservAgro has the goal of promoting a collective reflection process on the relationship between science and society by involving all agri-food system’ stakeholders: knowledge builders, businesses, knowledge mediators, decision-makers, and civil society.

The Observatory on the Dialogue in the Agrifood System Observatory (Osservatorio sul Discorso nell’Agroalimentare) has been founded in early 2018 in Rome, Italy.


In a series of workshops, using Collective Intelligence Design, we re-established an environment of reciprocal trust where, together, we could imagine possible futures and how to reach them.

The key persons I worked with made a difference in how the movement has been organized and the opportunities they’ve created during the co-design sessions. I am thinking, in particular, to Andrea Sonnino, the Observatory’s Coordinator and Paola Carrabba, a tireless science researcher who worked hard to support all the activities of the Observatory. I’ve been lucky and honored to be introduced to them by my friend Marco Valente, a professional facilitator, initially involved with them.

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