Creative Loneliness

Writing every day for 365 days, I’ve learned that I can be creative when alone.

I’ve discovered my loneliness.

I’ve spent most of my time with my family or with my remote colleagues.

Too little time with friends. I am wondering why I couldn’t share my thoughts with my closest friends instead of writing them. It’s not the same, I get it.

Years ago I used to have long telephone calls talking about dreams, ambitions, and fears. Now I can barely send a few minutes of voice notes via a messaging app.

Why did I find the time to write and reflect on my own, in my solitude, and not the time to be with friends?

For once, most of them are far away, and it is not easy to make new good friends. But I became too much separated from events and meetings in real life for me to meet people physically.

Joys and limitation of extreme remote work (and pandemics).

Writing a lot means being alone, a lot. And when I tracked the time spent writing I realized I’ve also measured the time I’ve spent alone. It wasn’t bad. Thank you for asking. It was a totally new way of being alone. I was creative because I have been writing.

Loneliness can be a powerful way to be creative. Don’t let your time alone be wasted. Use it to write. But, please, now, call some friends and talk to them. Thanks

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