Writing improves your memory

Writing improves your memory

Writing every day for 365 days, I’ve learned that I remember better what I have written.

By writing or recording notes every day I am better at remembering the context of my experiences and my memories.

Especially when I listen back to voice recordings, I remember a lot of things: my mood, what was happening, what lead me to those thoughts but, more interestingly, I remember where I was and what was occurring around me.

I feel like my previous life, the one in which I was not journaling, is a distant one. While the written memories have a chance to become a vivid experience when I read them, the previous physiological memory seems to be less powerful, less rich, less real.

I feel something like nostalgia and frustration for memories that I have not captured. I have a lot of photographs, a lot of them, but I don’t have a lot of written notes.

Now that I think about it: I have many written notes but on fleeting sheets of papers and most of them are lost or buried who knows where. One reason more to write your notes and keep them in a permanent medium.

Connect your brain to a more vivid past. Leverage on your rich memories: write them down.

Writing improves your memory
Writing improves your memory

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