Walking generates ideas

The more you walk, the more you have ideas.

Writing every day for 365 days, I’ve learned that the more I walk, the more I have ideas.

What’s the biggest muscle you have? Well, it would be exciting, but no, it’s not what you think. It’s your legs. The more you walk, the more you make use of your legs and the more effort you do with your body’s most prominent muscles.

Doing physical exercise is an activity that generates neurons. Yes, the more you work out your body, the more your brain grows.

Walking, in the open, in a beautiful city or the countryside or on the beach, has the additional benefit of detaching your eyes from bright screens. You see leaves, people, buildings, trees, children going to school, drivers cursing to other drivers, shop owners taking care of your groceries, birds singing, and, well, I think you’ve got it. (It’s a wonderful world).

Walking outside gives a break to your brain while regenerating its tired cells. It’s a great opportunity to have your mind wandering. Yes, of course, you will have those nasty thoughts to emerge. But looking at the horizon, enjoying the warmth of the sun while being gently caressed by a good smelling breeze, do wonder.

Acknowledge your thoughts and put them away. Or reflect on how to improve your situation. Better? OK, after a while, walking, you will start to have ideas about anything that is within your attention: work, play, love, the future, the past, a new venture, a new article, new friends, jokes, games to play with your children.

If you walk you are a different person: a calm, attentive, creative human being, listening to the environment while discovering new ideas in your thoughts.

The more you walk, the more you have ideas.
The more you walk, the more you have ideas.

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One response to “Walking generates ideas”

  1. Memories are constantly retold in our brain and, unfortunately, they are never the same, that is why repetition and memorization help to keep them solid. The use-it-or-lose-it tendency is true as well so new neurons are generated (if you’re healthy and fit) but the organic network of all of them is continuously adapting to your experience, your health, and your memories changing. That’s why writing, recording, and walking, help.