Writing makes you a better observer

Learn to become a better observer by writing, consistently, about what you notice.

Writing every day for 365 days, I have learned to become a better observer.

If you go to take a walk, you might see many people doing a lot of things. If you’re not particularly into using your Sherlock Holmes powers, they could just be ordinary people to you.

By walking almost every day, and recording your thoughts, by frequently going to the same places (alternative to always exploring unknown ones) after days, weeks, months, you start to notice patterns.

You will be surprised if you are not into doing this kind of observation. Usually, we are not interested in what people do around us If we don’t have direct involvement.

By indirectly and involuntarily always seeing the same environment for a long time, you will start to connect the dots. You will be amazed at what conjectures you will make about some people and their behaviors.

It happened to me, and  I am astonished at what a habit can do to your perception of the world.

Write about what you notice. If you do it consistently, you’ll discover patterns you would have never imagined. Unless you are Jason Bourne.

Learn to become a better observer by writing, consistently, about what you notice.
Learn to become a better observer by writing, consistently, about what you notice.

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