Your first million words are the worst. Put in the repetitions and your writing will improve.

Write a lot to write well

Writing every day for 365 days, I’ve learned that your first million words are the worst.

Not only I’ve struggled to start, to find the inspiration, to write the right amount of words in the right amount of time, I’ve also felt like I’ve produced the worst quality of my writing.

That happened in two exact moments: at the beginning of my year of writing, and every day, at the beginning of my writing session.

Creativity is a muscle. It needs to get stretched and exercised like any other muscle. Before any creative performance, you should warm up your creativity by writing, in the flow, with no constraints. That will make all the embarrassment, the doubts, the fears, and the insecurities disappear.

It’s difficult to start. After having reached a good writing pace, you can feel your hands on your keyboard becoming fluid. There is less friction, and you start to feel one with the screen. It’s not pixels. It’s your thoughts, visualized.

When you forget about yourself and your inner critic, that is the moment in which real deep thoughts start to form. That is the creative juice you need to collect. From that, you can only improve, refine, rewrite, and elaborate on something worthwhile.

Sometimes you need to scratch your performance. Forget about it; throw it away. Start from scratch. It can only be better.

Put in the repetitions, and your writing will improve.

Your first million words are the worst. Put in the repetitions and your writing will improve.
Your first million words are the worst. Put in the repetitions and your writing will improve.

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