Writing is thinking

Writing is Thinking

Writing every day for 365 days, I’ve learned that writing is thinking.

I’ve spent more than 200 hours writing, reading what I wrote, connecting thoughts, and reflecting on my way of thinking. That made me more self-conscious and more willing to spend more time reflecting.

I am always thinking! Of course, thanks for asking. I always feel I get lots of useful thoughts to drift away and to get lost with. Usually, either I end up daydreaming or forgetting what I was thinking of.

I don’t want to fall into the eternal trap of thinking always the same thought, without evolving concepts. You grow, certainly, your mind and your capability to think better. How does it compare to gather drops of rain to drink rather than pouring water into a glass?

Writing-while-thinking and thinking-while-writing gave me more continuity, self-awareness, and the capability of leveraging on the evolution of certain thoughts instead of thinking those same things, repeatedly, at the almost initial level.

The habit of daily writing is the foundation of this next level of self-awareness and setting your thoughts on a permanent medium is the right way to evolve your thoughts.

Read what you wrote, find meaningful connections with your previous writing and you will grow towards more networked thinking.

Writing is thinking and if you cannot think clearly you cannot write.

This article is part of the my challenge One Year Writing: 30 Lessons Learned in 30 Days

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