Plant seeds and water them every day. You'll harvest juicy fruits.

Writing compounds despite everything

Writing every day for 365 days, I’ve learned the indirect benefits of building a daily writing habit.

You might feel inadequate at writing. You feel a failure when you’re skipping a day. You might write so bad you think you’re not worth it. You might discover your writing to be unoriginal, repetitive, boring, flat, dull. You might feel you write about senseless topics: “who’s going to read this crap, anyway”? You might feel days, weeks, and years pass by without a breakthrough. You put the “reps” in, but where is the improvement?

Your writing compounds despite all of the odds, the demotivation, and the perception of useless efforts.

You change your attitudes, your skills, your communication capabilities, your stamina, your patience, your observation, your perception. Slowly, bit by bit, each time you transcribe your thoughts, you are making progress, willing or not, either if you feel successful or better if you feel like a failure, especially if you can learn from your mistakes.

Building a daily writing habit makes you a better person, a better thinker, a better communicator, a better manager.

It’s difficult to perceive the growth of a tree. As Bruno Munari would say: “a tree is the incredibly slow explosion of a seed.”

Write every day. Regardless of successes and failures, you will grow, day in, day out.

Plant seeds and water them every day. You'll harvest juicy fruits.
Write every day. Regardless of successes and failures, you will grow, day in, day out.

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