One Year Blogging Challenge Complete

One Year Blogging Challenge Completed.

I wrote and published 365 blog posts, meaning, I’ve been writing for one year, every day.

I am calm and relaxed, I have no plan to celebrate. This is not an ending, it’s the beginning of a new challenge.

I will need time to elaborate on this experience. On the lessons learned, on my attitude, aptitude, and character. On what I want and what I don’t want.

It’s been a wonderfully rich journey: full of joy and pain, doubts and discovery, stops and go’s.

I am quietly and profoundly proud and I am looking forward to extracting the essence of this challenge with the perspective of beginning a new one, as soon as possible.

This is my blog post number 365 out of 365.

One response to “One Year Blogging Challenge Complete”

  1. Well done Massimo!
    You are clever, knowledgeable, inspired and resilient.
    You have done incredible things, including this little/big challenge, and I can’t wait to witness what’s going to come next.