Continue Doing

208. Continue Doing

Continue to write daily. It’s a great habit. Writing is thinking, deeply, in a focused way. Keep on dedicating your attention for at least 15-30 minutes to reflect and write. It’s a transformational activity.

Continue to take long walks at least three times per week. No life without health. But, additionally, you can listen to music, audiobooks, or webinars. You can actively participate in online events if the connectivity permits it. You can record your voice and transcribe it to have drafts ready to be added to your repository.

Continue to read every day. There’s no output without input. Read slowly, by carefully understanding words, sentences, and concepts. Rewrite what resonates with you and connect it with your existing notes.

Continue to track key events in your day. You know you are wasting your time only when you are aware of it. Have the courage of recognizing useless activities and give a name, a place, and a time to them. It will be easier to avoid them in the future.

Continue to plan your time. Slowly you will move from tracking black-hole to plan the best use of your time. It requires practice and a lot of failures. Learn from them.

208. Continue Doing
208. Continue Doing

Continue to have meaningful conversations on the Internet, especially on social media. Writing and sharing are not enough. It’s a passive way to interact with others. Ask questions, propose your answers, develop conversations and relationships. You are part of the larger community of humankind, contribute to it.

Continue to share your knowledge. It doesn’t matter what you know and how you know it. Share it. It improves your communication skills, your relationships and there is also a chance you can contribute to the collective intelligence. There is no history of unshared ideas.

Continue to Collaborate.  Open your process up to meaningful input from others.  Why recreate that which has already been done?  As in life, working together can create beautiful outcomes that are more meaningful because of that collaboration.

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