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Following up to the notes I’ve taken yesterday.

Felix, in the Ness Labs Community asked me:

Just went through Massimo Curatella’s notes – thank you! I would be interested to know more about the following bullet points:

Having too many ideas. Struggle in finding a common thread. Concerned about building an audience while being eclectic

What about curating sources, filtering inputs.

And this was my answer. About:

  • Having too many ideas. Struggle in finding a common thread. Concerned about building an audience while being eclectic.

This was my reflection during the call. While we started discussing about lacking ideas or how to generated ideas, I was of the exact opposite stance. I have too many ideas and I struggle to capture all of them.

I tend to have a few important thoughts to be repeated so, in same cases, I tend to re-discover the same things.

I was curious how my fellow peers would face the challenge of finding common threads among ideas when they are too many.

I am researching methods to structure and connect ideas. Also thanks to concept as the Memex (from which Roam Research seems to be inspired), the GTD for Ideas of Tiago Forte, BASB (Building A Second Brain) I have finally converging towards a more structured and focus workflow in which I not only gather, capture and generate idea but I try to connect them. My latest approach is based on the Zettelkasten Method and a purely offline note management tool called Obsidian.

And then? All of this for what?

For sharing! Of course.

And that was my other concern: how do you grow a following if you write about Systemic Design one day, Systems Change, the other, Facilitation of the Collective Intelligence the third, and self-development through writing, the fourth?

Moreover, trying to answer to myself within our call relating to:

  • What about curating sources, filtering inputs.

I was wondering about being more intentional in my information consumption by carefully selecting the sources instead of mindlessly scrolling and critically and rationally absorb information by understanding it deeply.

Very nice to say. Very hard to do.

What do you say?

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