Dissatisfaction as a Motivation to Change

Not being satisfied can be a good thing. Feeling like you should be doing different things, or getting different results  can be a good force for change. You can embark yourself in a personal development journey.

To get the best out of your self awareness and your sensitivity to something that is missing, you should act upon it. If you don’t make a plan, and you stick to it by doing something, even little, every single day, you run the risk of suffering  because if you realize that something should be changed in your life and you don’t do anything or you cannot do anything, then you create frustration for yourself.

Being frustrated is one of the ways to become unhappy. Even if it is painful and if it requires you to feel a distance from your surroundings, perceiving the need to change yourself is a good thing. But at the same time, you need to make a plan out of it. Sometimes it’s not important to have a clear mind and a clear idea about what to do, and how, but it helps a lot to act.

Action brings clarity. The more you do something to move you forward the more it becomes clear, If not what you want to do, at least what you don’t want to do.

Feeling yourself missing something can be a force for good. Use it as fuel to change your life.

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