Explaining the reason for a failure is illuminating

Next done I’ll be ending this experiment. I’ll be concluding my 365 days of posting on my blog, every single day. I’ve listed a lot of the lessons, considerations, implications of this long challenge that I don’t know what to add. I feel like I am already done, today, seven days in advance.

And this is the “old” me talking. The “me” before the effort of forming a habit, of making a more disciplined approach to creativity. I had no due dates, no commitments and any side project would have been good for wasting time. And that’s exactly my battle: avoiding dispersing energies mindlessly, throwing away time because “I am too tired” and “I just want to get rest”.

So, once again, I am acknowledging my illusory defeat, I am clearly stating that I don’t have anything to write. Thing, which, is false since I have found so many ways to avoid that from happening. And especially false because I had interesting experiences to talk about.

The effort that would require me to recollect all of my thoughts, put them in a meaningful way, extract the good parts, and put them in a usable format is exactly the work I am not doing.


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