Future Prompts

Che sarà, sarà.

What is the future?

How do you prepare for the future?

Why is it important to think about the future?

How do you think about the future?

How do you try to understand what the future could be?

What is your power to change the future to design the future to write your future?

What are the factors and the actors that are influencing our future?

What can I do to influence them? to influence my future?

Who has an advantage in the future?

Who knows best about the future? And why? What can I learn from them?

What are the methods and tools, techniques we can use or we can invent, build better futures?

Is it important to know about the future? Should I worry about the future?

If it is impossible to know the future, why am I worrying about it?

Shall I just be prepared for any possible future? Which is impossible, So for which future Should I prepare for? To do what and why and how?

If I knew the future, what would I do today?

How can I make the activity of being curious about the future, not scary? How can I enjoy the process of imagining futures?

Is the future part of our work? How can we use thinking about the future as a force for good? To change our collectivity, our society?

What is future literacy? What shall every person know about the future?

How is future thinking, connected to sciences or day-to-day activities, or learning, studying, and researching?

Who are the most important thinkers in future studies? What are their positions? What about their contrasting attitudes and behaviors towards the future? What can we learn from those?

Has the man ever thought about the future during history, as we are doing right now, why and how? How was thinking about the future different in the past?

How will thinking about the future change in the future?

What is time? What’s the relationship between the present past and the future? Is it the same thing? Are they always connected? Shall we think about time instead of the future? 

What can I do to control time? What is the effect of my past on my future? Is it always linear and logical the evolution of a certain past into a certain future? Yes? no? When? how? What can I learn from this?

Do I see a coffee in my future? Yes in the very next future.

I am Massimo Curatella, and this is my DAY 21 Article in the CREAZEE Daily Writing Challenge and my 158th daily article in a row. 

Che sarà, sarà.
Che sarà, sarà.