Gardens of Knowledge and Gardens of Expertise

Tend your garden with your most precious gems.

It has become a habit. Meeting Achim Rothe in his Knowledge Salon every week is a refreshing intellectual appointment to dedicate some quality time to the Knowledge Entrepreneurs concept.

Garden of Expertise” is the beautiful name of what we’ve discussed today. I was late because of work, I’ve missed a good part, but I was still able to get a lot of inspiration.

Here are some sparse notes:

In the Garden of Expertise, you focus on providing access to the best knowledge you have in your fields. It’s a welcoming virtual place where you can show yourself as an expert in virtue of what you share, of your experience, of your thoughts.

We’ve mentioned some technical tools to have your Knowledge Garden online, among the many: Obsidian, Obsidian Publish, WordPress, Ghost.

Some interesting questions were about managing the infinite flow of information on Social Networks like Twitter and recognizing and attracting an audience. Curating the knowledge you share with your posts was one of the first thoughts that I have—giving context about your communications by setting the right frame of your expertise. On the other hand, you need to create your set of continuously refined filters to capture the raw gems in the infinite flowing of information.

Two approaches are still useful: being intentional by setting the topics you are interested in upfront and by searching and filtering only those sources relevant to your goals. Bottom-up allows you to keep the right level of serendipity and chance to innovate in your education and your capability to be astonished by weirdness and randomness.

The Zettelkasten method is suitable for capturing, understanding, and connecting your ideas to be then shared in your Garden of Expertise.

I genuinely appreciate these meetings—well-prepared, informal, dense of inspiration and information, and always attended by stimulating people.

Thank you, Achim.

It’s such a great time to be alive!

Tend your garden with your most precious gems.
Tend your garden with your most precious gems.

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