Acknowledging illusory defeat

It's never what it seems.

It doesn’t matter how much you care about something. Words are cheap. Facts are what counts.

I committed to publishing a blog post every day. I’ve been pontificating about planning, preparing topics, having themes to develop, accumulating drafts, keeping on writing to be fluid. The truth is that I don’t have a draft for today. I am not ready to write nor to publish. The only thing I could do is to recognize that I failed.

I could have written about the importance of having a holistic view of the world to make better decisions.

I could have written about Human-Centered Design and how it puts people at the center of your design process by creating products and services that people love instead of wasting your time building the next app nobody would even install.

I could have argued that we need Ecosystemic Design, instead, because Humankind is too much at the center of production. And that we need to consider more our poor Planet in pain.

I could have written about the joy of being immersed in thinking aloud with brilliant minds about the global challenges of this millennium. And how only with the facilitation of Collective Intelligence can we hope to have a chance to survive.

I could have written about all of the above.

But I didn’t have time.

Oh, wait! I did write it!

It's never what it seems.
It’s never what it seems.

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