Morellino di Scansano

Ma che ce frega, ma che ce'mporta.

I am not a great drinker. Sometimes half a glass of wine makes me dizzy. I am not a habitual drinker as well. Nonetheless, when I get in one full glass, or heavens forbid, one glass and a half, oh boy. I go in that warm and fuzzy feeling of being slightly numb. If there’s a sofa with a soft blanket, well, that’s the end of it. Regardless of who is present and what I am doing, I enjoy going into the most wonderful dreams. Environmental noises are even facilitating the transition. Better than total silence. I am in a trance status (yeah, you might say that I am drunk), and I get enjoyable and nice feelings and visions. I am not always able to remember or to describe, but I feel good. It happens seldomly. Once or twice per year if I want to be on the rebel side. It’s not always good getting out of that state, but usually, it leaves me a satisfying feeling, like if I experienced something wonderful and unique. I am utterly terrified by the damages that alcohol could do to my health, so I tend to forget its existence. I have no problems living without it. But when it happens, I like to appreciate the good that it brings.

Alcohol is bad for health. Prove me wrong and I’ll invite you for a drink.

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