My 100 Ideas to Write About

Will They Shine?

I am Massimo Curatella, and this is my DAY 3 Article in the CREAZEE Daily Writing Challenge, and my 138th daily article.

Dear readers, this is my answer to the Write 100 Ideas creative exercise.

  1. How to become an independent author.
  2. How to reuse the content you have produced to create a product.
  3. How to create an online course.
  4. How to reuse the format for an online course to apply it to different disciplines.
  5. Online course about writing.
  6. Online course about creating an online course.
  7. Online course about how to become a designer.
  8. How to become a facilitator.
  9. How to self-develop by writing every day.
  10. How to build a habit.
  11. How to become a coach.
  12. How to facilitate collective intelligence.
  13. How to use the Internet and social networks to create your personal brand.
  14. How to create a group of professionals collaborating remotely on several projects.
  15. How to build a habit to take daily photographs to develop your photography skills.
  16. How to become a better learner.
  17. How to create your personal knowledge management system.
  18. How to read effectively.
  19. How to take notes.
  20. How to explain complex topics effectively.
  21. How to be a better critical thinker.
  22. How to improve your memory.
  23. How to develop your artistic sensitivity.
  24. How to develop your artistic expression with Visual Media.
  25. Visual facilitation.
  26. Future thinking, how to think about the future.
  27. How to manage your time and productivity when you are an independent professional.
  28. How to integrate your time management system with your family.
  29. Keeping a diary.
  30. How to educate people, your family, your children, using games.
  31. How to learn to play any musical instrument.
  32. Writing poetry.
  33. What is the most useful fundamental knowledge every human being should have?
  34. Create a collection of the 100 most influential books of all human history.
  35. Top 100 films.
  36. Top 100 podcasts.
  37. Top 100 thinkers in history.
  38. 100 places I want to visit and their stories.
  39. Make a list of all the people that I know.
  40. Find groups of people that I know aggregated by their skills.
  41. Find at least ten professional opportunities per month.
  42. Prepare a list of topics to write about to position me as an expert in the fields that interest me.
  43. Study and share about design.
  44. Facilitation.
  45. Systems thinking.
  46. Critical thinking.
  47. Knowledge management.
  48. Teaching and education.
  49. Learning, understanding memory.
  50. Neuroscience.
  51. What is the latest theory about life in the universe?
  52. What is the theory of mind?
  53. What are the basics of artificial intelligence?
  54. What is essential in computer science that I can use in my interests.
  55. Learn Chinese.
  56. Learn to cook.
  57. Apply the metaphor of cooking to systems thinking, design, and as a simple project to create, as software to learn and teach about computer science, interaction design, and brain development.
  58. What are the most important trends for the future?
  59. According to the trends, what can I do today to mitigate risks for the future?
  60. How to be healthy.
  61. The basic concepts of nutrition.
  62. Personal finance, what is important to know to avoid.
  63. Is there any kind of investment, financial investment that I can do to have some future revenues?
  64. What are the most important things to be done when you have children for every year of their life?
  65. Is it important the location where you live? How am I affected by the place where I live?
  66. What can I do to get the benefits of having contacts with people around the World?
  67. Creates a periodical meeting with creative people to exchange ideas.
  68. How would it be to live by always flying up in the air?
  69. If I have to go to Mars, what would it bring with me?
  70. What is sex?
  71. What is the impact of sex on our lives? And how should we behave accordingly?
  72. What is change? How do you manage it?
  73. How can I create an environment conducive to creativity, health, and wealth for my family and me and my friends?
  74. What is the most important thing that I should do every day that would have the highest impact on my life?
  75. Who are my best friends?
  76. What am I doing to curate my relationship with other people?
  77. Can I create rituals, celebrations, and special dates to enjoy life more?
  78. What happened if I booked some time per week or per day to do something fun?
  79. How can I involve other people in creative, smart regenerating activities without wasting our time?
  80. How can I earn a living by having fun and leaving a legacy?
  81. What is my legacy? What do I want to leave as a legacy?
  82. We cannot live separately, and we are forced to be closed in lockdown. What would I do If I were free to leave?
  83. What’s the best place in the world where I would live instead of this one?
  84. Who is a person from the past that I would like to meet again?
  85. What’s the best place I visited and why?
  86. What are my best memories?
  87. What are my worst memories and what I have learned from them, That I am applying today?
  88. Do I have a daily ritual in which I reflect on the most important things I have listed so far?
  89. How can I overlap, intersect and create synergies between the different needs and desires I have, Like working and having fun? Working and meeting people, having fun, and earning money?
  90. What is the role of animals in our lives? How can we live more and better with them?
  91. What would it be to live near the sea? Or in the countryside?
  92. What are behaviors that are part of my character that I could change?
  93. What experiment can I do to see what happens if I behave differently from what I’ve been doing so far?
  94. How can I learn from books and past experiences that can be useful for my life without being myself in the first person to experiment?
  95. I want to fly. What would it be to be able to fly?
  96. Why don’t we create virtual worlds to express our desires to be free from our bodies? Like being able to fly?
  97. What about learning and teaching about painting, sculpting, and creating 3d worlds and video games or environments to explore and interact with and live different lives.
  98. What’s the meaning of life? If it is giving sense to others, what purpose am I giving to others?
  99. How do I want to be remembered?
  100.  If being happy means knowing that I did it and doing that thought as the last thought that I think while being alive, what would I be to have done it?
Will They Shine?
Will They Shine?