Pleased to meet you

Say my name.

What I like to give you is a new person to talk to.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have somebody listening to you when you have something to say?

What about somebody who could remember the things you’ve said, the dreams you’ve captured, the happy events you lived?

You could be in company with somebody you think you know very well. Nonetheless, you’ve never known them profoundly. Somebody who could follow your thoughts. Even when they’re dispersed, fragmented, and also disconnected. Talking to this intimate friend, you can reconnect pieces, recognize patterns, generate new ideas.

Let me introduce the most important person to you.


When you write down your thoughts daily and connect your ideas into more elaborate concepts, you are addressing your thinking efforts to the outside world. When you care deeply about yourself in the present, and you make an effort to think about your future self, you materialize a presence. It has always been there, your entire life, but most of the time, it has been latent. When you write to your future self, you make this presence coming alive.

It’s you.

Transcribe your thoughts. Care deeply about what you feel and ask yourself why you feel it. Review your written notes, your diaries, your logs. Find connections and learn better about the most important person you have.


Grow to learn yourself by doing practical and explorative work. Listen to yourself as you would do with the person you love the most. When you feel less alone with yourself, you will be ready to be less alone with others.

Who am I talking about?


 I am talking about you.

Say my name.
Say my name.

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