Things I Should Start Doing

209. Things I Should Start Doing

What shall I start doing?

I shall start to meet people again. I am seeing nobody since the beginning of the pandemic. Yes, I met people, but so seldomly. And for such a short time. So we really need to meet people again.

And I would like to meet new people, people wanting to be creative, to look at the world from different points of view. And once to a good laugh.

I shall start to write my books. I have started to put a system in place. Today is one year that I am taking notes on Obsidian, the software tool. And I have so far about 2500 notes, about seven notes per day. I shall start connecting notes into threads and topics making sense, telling a story from the beginning to the end. So I shall begin to defragment my notes to optimize my thoughts to make more threads out of which I can create articles, chapters, tutorials, presentations, webinars, and books.

I shall start to exercise all parts of my body. For the last several months, I’ve been only walking. It’s a good activity, but it’s not enough. I need to find the time and the will to do a complete exercise of my body.

I shall start to use the internet, social media to have more generative conversations. I’m tired of just sharing things links, even my articles. I moved from consumer to creator, but I’m not getting great value from being a creator. It just seems like I’m creating for myself. Not getting back value, not getting back a lot of feedback. I’m not getting back more relationships. I am not making many opportunities to meet new people to think about new projects to create right. so I need to start to revise my approach in exposing and communicating myself differently, under a different perspective.

I shall start to pursue my interests and ambitions by contributing to their achievement with small but significant additions every day. So, even if they are small contributions, every day, I should make progress under two aspects: the top-down approach, which is the intentional one. So I need to be more selective and focus on things I want to pursue, and I did some work with my 12 favorite problems. And I need to do better the serendipitous scanning and filtering of everything that comes to my attention. So, that is not wasted time, but instead picking opportunities to grow my networked knowledge base to fuel and feed my creativity.

209. Things I Should Start Doing
209. Things I Should Start Doing

I could start doing interviews with people I meet with the interesting people that I follow with others, creators, artists, or even friends. Interviews are an excellent way to do many things that I mentioned: expressing oneself,  meeting people, creating, thinking, elaborating your thoughts, growing your network, growing your knowledge, and even creating content. So, this is part of growing my network and meeting more people.

I should start to reread what I wrote. I am almost at the mark of maybe 1 million words since 2019. And I need to think about whether it is worth rereading it and finding common threads to make notes. And to annotate that massive amount of content into my knowledge base.

I should start to make art. I’d like to play an instrument. A bass, for instance, because it’s something that resonates with me. I frequently daydream about playing the bass. And I like seeing beginners and amateurs learning to play. Some great practitioners are playing beautiful covers that are better than the originals. And there are some songs that I would like to perform, especially Politicians by The Cream, or Crossroads and many others.

I shall start drawing or painting or doing photography that I used to do, and then I stopped.

I shall start to tell a story about my experience.