Trust and digital nomadism

Massimo Curatella experimenting with Digital Nomadism

I’m on the street. No computer with me. I still want to blog. It’s a useful exercise. No comfortable keyboard nor screen. Cannot write long. It’s difficult to focus without being frequently distracted. But thoughts are flowing, in abundance. If I recorded them I would have had thousands of words. But it would have been impossible to edit it. So, there is no second draft. This is the first and the final. While I am happy to be in the flow, right now, I’m concerned about the content, the style, the grammar. And that’s exactly what I am fighting now. I’ll live with it. So far so good.

A concept I brought with me in this rare pausing moment is the idea of trust. I realize that I am always looking for absolute and transparent trust in my relationships.

It feels so good to know what the other is thinking without asking or without them to express it. Both in love and at work.

It feels so bad when you are betrayed and hurt for reasons hidden to aliens. And known only to you two.

It gives me a deep warm feeling of calm satisfaction knowing you can delegate fully to them. And knowing it will be alright. No, it will be exceptional.

I am grateful for this. It makes me feel not alone.

Although I deviated from the usual concepts I treat in my writing, being able to work everywhere, with hard constraints and nurturing a trusted network, are topics relevant to my focus of thinking and living in systems.

This is my experiment for this week. I can’t wait to write about the podcast I have recorded which should be online next week. Be patient to wait with me. Subscribe to my newsletter to be reminded about its publishing.

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