Write for your future, past, and present self

You are, at the very least, three persons: yourself in the present, yourself in the past, and yourself in the future.

Leverage on this multiplicity by identifying your three selves as real persons whom you can talk to.

Yourself in the past

What can you tell about your past behaviors? What were you thinking when something important happened to you? What can you learn from your past actions? And, what was your past self sending to your future self? That is you, now. What’s the message for you, today? How can you change your behaviors based on what your past self did in the past?

Yourself in the future

Your future self will look at you and ask you questions: “what should I do?”, “What are my options?”, “What happened when I did that?”.
This is your chance, now to provide your thoughts in the hope of helping your future self. What are the things that could be useful in the future? What are the trends you see that could develop for yourself, tomorrow, in one year, in ten years? Write a letter, now, and address it to your future being.

Yourself in the present

That’s the person you have available to interact with. What do you need now? Who are you now? Use the present time to reflect, track your feelings, your fears, your desires, your happy moments. Spend some time to express your gratitude for what you have and who you are. Acknowledge your weaknesses, you’ll feel better. Recognize your strength, you’ll be more confident.
This is the only real-time you can live. The right here and right now moment. There are no other times to live. It’s just imagination. Useful, yes, but only a projection of your mind.

Multiple identities

You are never the same, even your multiple past identities are different, you are definitely changing each moment you are alive, in the present, and, therefore, you cannot be but an infinite variability of selves in the future.


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