Adding Review and Revision to your Creative Process

In your deliberate practice of daily creative habit building you cannot skip the review and revision phases. Exercising your kick 10’000 times without feedback and correction would have a pale comparison against a complete feedback loop.

When you write daily only the check boxes, that’s what you risk. A stale routine of boring activities carried on just for the sake of them.

If you are serious about improving, then, reviewing your past performances becomes essential in your habit-forming practice.

Where should you start? From the beginning, take your oldest artifact and put it in your review queue. If it is old enough there will be a good chance you will look at it as something sufficiently new for you. That’s a good application of the future self approach. If you put enough time between your creative production and the review you are multiply yourself into: past, present and future selves.

Second order thinking would help in your metacognition. How are you reviewing your past creations? What can you learn from them? How will the learning affect your future creations?

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