Annotating Podcasts and Connecting Contextually

I find stimulating to take voice notes while listening to podcasts. Not only do I highlight, paraphrase and summarize the most relevant parts but I connect immediately with whatever comes to my mind by association or contrast. I am walking, I cannot (or I find uneasy to) check my notes, so the connections are coming from my memory. But the kind of interpretation and connection that I do is particularly satisfying.

I take notes directly in my real-time voice transcriber. Problem: I am outdoor so the transcription is only 90% good and, in the end, the notes are longer than the podcast duration. I will never find the time to listen back to what I captured, moreover, I should listen carefully to fix all the mistranscribed words.

I would call that a partial success. I am looking to improve this knowledge capturing workflow because I like how it started, I don’t like how it ends.


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