Another Person

213. Another Person.

What if I were another person. Who would I be and why?

I cannot think about a specific person, and I don’t believe that being another person would automatically get that person’s good without the bad. Not knowing the entire person, I can’t say if I wanted to get a complete package.

As a young boy, I used to say that I wanted to be Superman.

I think I’m searching for invincibility. I just want to be invincible. I want to defeat any problem.

I’m a problem solver. I’m especially fond of impossible problems. I’m the impossible problems solver, the Impossible problems solver. This is the mythical man I want to be.

Another person that I want to be is a person that will be remembered. So it’s going to be me with the capability of being remembered. Why is that important to me? Because I realized that this life will end as it’s supposed to be because it is normal and natural. Maybe I am not accepting that. Perhaps I’m thinking that the meaning of my life is not only to live it and to give sense to others’ lives but also to do it in such a way that my last thought before dying will be, “I made it, I will be remembered.”

It will be possible that I will be remembered only by somebody, for a short time. So, it is not an absolute statement to be remembered by whom? for what? For how long?

There I am more ambitious. I would like to be remembered for a long time by many people for something that positively contributed to improving as many lives as possible.

Is this ambition supported by enough will from myself to sacrifice and to work for that? Let’s say anything is possible. I can do that. What is that thing? Am I able to do that thing? How do I know, If I will be remembered or not? Why is that important? Is this the best way to give meaning to my life? Isn’t it selfish and presumptuous? I think so.

So Isn’t this the right thing to wish for? Because the radical alternative is to be with to be a billionaire so that I don’t have to work and I don’t have to follow the rules. What is the intersection between the two? So, being free of being myself without constraints, without following rules, and being remembered for that. Different guys did that in the past, but not necessarily will they be remembered for the good they made.

So, we come to my dear friend Reddy, what can we learn from criminals to be applied for good. That becomes a tremendous surreal question, learning from criminals for good.

So what kind of person, what other person do I want to be? I want to be another version of myself. Still, I want to be myself,  more aware of my nature, more aware of my capabilities, augmenting them, and looking for the next project. 

213. Another Person.
213. Another Person.

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