212. It will not remain a tadpole forever.

Another Time

The time that doesn’t pass. Using my sphere, I can travel anyplace, and I can decide to change the time as I wish. I can either travel forward or backward. I would go back in time when I was a happy little child. Granma’s whipped egg with sugar and Marsala is waiting for me in the kitchen. I slept 10 hours on two wool mattresses. Soft and embracing. The air smell of adventures and possibilities. I ride my red bike on a long road going down without touching the brakes. I reach the old fountain spitting water so fresh it freezes your throat. I drink the cool liquid after having masticated a mint candy. My head explodes into a bolt of ice lightning. The river is rich in life: king prawns, tadpoles, frogs, and little fishes Nonna Lucia used to fry. A whole world is living my youth not more than 2 Km from home, the equivalent of 2 billion light-years for an 8-year-old boy and his friends.

Or I could travel to the future when there is no pain, no violence, no need to work to live but pure energy pervading the universe where everybody can meet, in peace, dance, and sing the beauty of life.

So far I traveled only for 15 minutes.

It’s a start.

212. It will not remain a tadpole forever.
212. It will not remain a tadpole forever.
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