Art and Problem Solving (My 12 Favorite Problems)

Art and Problem Solving (My 12 Favorite Problems)

These are the No. 11 and 12 of My 12 Favorite Problems. Draft status, I am building them in public by iterating on an outline and then developing each concept. With those last two I have now the foundations to develop a refined iteration of the group.


If design solves problems, art creates them. Nurturing curiosity and finding means to express ourselves are satisfied by artistic endeavors. We look for beauty and novelty, mystery and entertainment. Art also has a beneficial aspect, as meditation, regeneration, communication, and socialization.

How can we make art a part of everybody’s life?

What’s the intersection between science, art, and play?

How is technology influencing art, and vice versa?

Are games art?

How can we enjoy the beauty of drawing and painting?

How music affects our lives?

How can writing transform us?


Design, personal development, technology, communication


How to solve problems?

How to solve all of my favorite problems?

How to create an approach to life, taking into account a systems approach?

How can I face the challenge of solving all of my favorite problems?

What are those tools, approaches, techniques enabling a holistic approach to problem-solving?

My favorite problems should cover and intersect with my interests, and they should function as magnets, attractors, poles, towards which/with which I should filter information flows.


Critical thinking, systems thinking, design thinking, problem-solving

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