Knowledge Entrepreneurs: Brain Trust Day 1

Together we're more than the sum of each of us.

I am having a fantastic experience with the first edition of Knowledge Entrepreneurs Brain Trust. A group of fellow members of Ness Labs.

Experts in diverse fields convene to provide structured feedback to each participant’s challenge in a reciprocal way.

I will present my challenge tomorrow, but today, providing my thoughts to the first two presenters, I have learned so much already!

I realized that when you face the challenges of other people’s lives, in their professional ambition, you look at them from your point of view and translate your context to theirs. This projection makes you focus better on hints, resources, and suggestions in a way that seems to be impossible if you had to apply them to your challenges.

Even if the presenters’ topic does not match your directions, you put a lot of your feelings, fears, and experience into your contribution to the group.

At the end of an intense, rich, transforming session, well organized by our facilitator Achim Rothe, I feel I have already collected valid suggestions for my challenge.

I am thankful and excited for the more extended session planned for tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

(But if I won’t see ya, I don’t wanna be ya)

Together we're more than the sum of each of us.
Together we’re more than the sum of each of us.