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Fast is not necessarily bad.

The habit of creating daily. It’s hard to make, but it’s not impossible. When you create every day, you will have the compounding effect, the snowball effect, at a certain time, to get in and to produce unexpected outcomes for you.

Like any habit to be built, it requires an effort. And starting it, it’s difficult.

You might feel like you will never make it, stupid, incapable, inept, and sad.

And that’s normal. Sometimes it’s even required because that’s how our brain reacts to change. Scientists have been proving that the reaction to doing something different is a feeling happening in the same part of the brain where we feel pain. So it’s not a metaphor saying that changing is painful.

To create a habit, you have to feel a certain amount of pain, but it’s not lethal. It’s not the end of the world. And the more you insist, the more you try, the more the pain becomes a joy.

Because the more you create it habitually, the more you feel self-aware, self-confident, the more you have ideas. When you do this kind of change, people around you will notice it. You will become more interesting. Things will happen around you. People will talk to you because they see something in you that they want. They see your effort in being creative, systematically. 

Some people can do it on their own. They have strong willpower. The rest of the world needs help. Sometimes they need just a spark and a little push. Sometimes they need to be followed with a system.

That is what I’ve built with CREAZEE. It is a system to be consistently creative. To have ideas and to generate ideas about what to create. It’s also a community where you have peers, peer challengers wanting the same thing you want from which you can get inspiration and help and accountability. The group goes ahead together. Every day you are together with other people creating with you. So you feel part of a group having a common goal, and this is helping as well.

You should create every day anything that makes you feel alive. If you want to get a solid boost for your habit-making challenge, join us at CREAZEE.COM to be part of creative challenges.

I am Massimo Curatella, and this is my DAY 27 Article in the CREAZEE Daily Writing Challenge and my 164th daily article in a row. 

Fast is not necessarily bad.
Fast is not necessarily bad.

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