Sogni d'oro.

Hi, how are you? Writing at night, again? It’s not a bad sensation. It’s cold outside. Sweet jazz music is playing as a sound carpet. To make it even smoother, a ten-hour loop of raining sounds is playing together. All lights are off but the bright screen. Almost blinding. But I don’t want to reach for the remote. I would lose the moment. I’ve been waiting for this fragment of time for the whole day. An impetuous flow of ideas passed through my head and left very little. I am here to catch the remains of another hard day, spending more energies than I have. I was hoping to have one calm moment, to focus, to think, to create. Not today. Or, at least, not until now. My time belonged to somebody else. Not me. It’s now, now that I can barely keep my eyes open, red, tired of looking without seeing, tired to blink in the hope of washing away the veil of superficiality. It’s now when my fingers get confused on the keyboard, in the dark. When I am hitting too many times the delete button. Wasn’t I suppose to write in free-flowing mode? No doubts, no second thoughts, just straight transcriptions of my thoughts. I am getting warmed up, little by little. I am washing away the noise of the day fading away. Why must I sleep? Isn’t now the perfect moment to create? No distractions around me, no attention needed from me if not the one to be me. I should become a night animal. Where’s the tutorial to do that? Is it maybe an idea for a Youtube Channel I should start? “Subscribe now and learn how to live two lives, one during the day, the usual struggle to make a living while juggling with the unexpected consequences of people thinking short-term, the other at night when you can dream being a superhero or the next inventor. Warning: talk to your doctor before initiating potentially risky approaches for your health.” I can picture it. Black circles around my eyes, a small glass of Limoncello, talking with a low and warm voice to an audience of self-deluded creatives. That’s how it goes when you plan to research, collect ideas, generate inspiration, discuss projects, make connections, and, in the end, you realize it’s only time to go to sleep.


Sogni d'oro.
Sogni d’oro.

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  1. that’s a slippery slope, my friend, but I totally agree it can be enticing to carve out me-time at night… but be kind to yourself, ok?

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