Careful, Accurate and Useless Archives.

While trying to not get asleep I am writing whatever comes to my mind. Outside is hot, inside is fresh and nice. The bed is comfortable. I just need to remain focused. If I enjoy too much this position I might not get to the end. I’d like to set in my mind the lessons of the day. Waking up early gives more time to do things. I’ve accomplished a lot today. Not only at work, great day, but browsing through my 30-years old archive made me think. What was I thinking when I stored so much books, files, images, videos, photographs? I can easily throw away more than 99% of what I kept. It says a lot about who I was and how I changed. On the one hand I feel different and distant from that version of me, on the other hand I feel I’ve wasted so much energies and resources in carefully gathering, organizing and classifying such enormous amount of information. All of it for nothing. So, I am thinking, what have I learned? What shall I think today when I am doing the usual backup? Backup of what? What? What will I do with today’s archive in 30 years from now?

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