Choose your own stories, wisely

What perspective would you like, today?

Let me tell you a story. I hate stories. Why is the human brain so attracted to stories? What is a story? It can be a wholly invented set of facts on an extremization, or, in the best case, a novelization of real facts, changed in contexts, actors, and outcome.

How would two different people tell an event they experienced together? By telling two different stories. Different according to a wide range of variations according to the context, the mood, the perception, the cognitive biases, the point of view, the skill, the experience, and so many other factors for each storyteller.

And what is the truth, then? Can we tell the truth by telling stories?

Perspective is everything. Rory Sutherland.

To have a map as accurate as the reality, we need a map as big as reality, with the same level of detail. We can describe what we see only with what it is.

What is the purpose o a story, then? Why are we so immersed in stories? Why do they influence us in our everyday lives to base our most critical decisions on them?

You’ll never know the truth. You’ll always have stories to tell and stories to listen to. Which stories we believe in is what our reality is going to be. Choose wisely.

What perspective would you like, today?
What perspective would you like, today?

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