Connect Simple Ideas To Create Elaborate Thoughts

I should not worry too much about what I want to write or what I need to write. I just need to do it. In addition to that, I need to organize my thoughts, my questions. My research into clusters aggregates. When I review the connection between the different pieces, I am able to find longer and more elaborate threads.

I am doing it wrong by thinking that each time that I am on a blank page, I have to write my daily journal, or my daily article, that I need to be exhaustive about a grand topic. I should write about the smallest topic I can think of. A small idea to reflect upon. And I should use it as a magnet to attract somebody else’s ideas or notes I wrote about, things I’ve read in the past from other books.

The real creativity is in composing those ideas into a bigger one. Not in having brilliant, big and exhaustive treatments of ideas, impromptu, of the day . I have been saying these things forever. I really don’t want to learn it. I am relearning it every time. I’m doing it. I just need to keep it present. So the daily effort of creating something that will remain is not to write something memorable. But it’s to create a small contribution, even insignificant, that put together with all the others you have been writing for hundreds of days. So that together, connected, revised, and even rewritten, they will become something really worthwhile.

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