Consuming vs. Creating

The concept of passing the time or being entertain can be a toxic disease. An infinite quantity of entertaining material is waiting for you to pass the time with. You might be very effective at passing your time by reading books mindlessly, watching films passively, playing videogames skillfully. In the end, what’s the value you got? If it is only “passing the time,” you might have just wasted your time.

We should try to be actively engaged in most, if not all, of our experiences. What’s really interesting about the experience I am having right now? Is it worth remembering? Shall I do something else? And, most of all, do I need to save this piece of content by wasting storing space and hoarding useless material that will pile up indefinitely?

We need to be more critical in our approach to consuming what surrounds us and move to a different mindset, the one of being creators rather than consumers.

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