Creating Choice by Managing your Personal Knowledge

If I’m lucky I can choose. Otherwise I need to work to create choices. There’s a gap between the moment when I come up with a need and when I need to explore options. It requires slowing down and thinking to understand what to do to create the choices I will need in the future.

One year ago I ate a beautiful dish but then I was sick with a stomach ache. I am going to go exactly in the same place, one year later: will I eat the same juicy dish?

Recording the events, in this case, helped me in understanding possible connections between causes and effects. I am more informed. Definitely I would have not been able to realize this context if I didn’t write it down in my journal. 

To create choices I need information and the capability of making connections between them. That’s a useful outcome of curating my personal knowledge.

This is my 295 daily blog post in a row.

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