Daily Writing Habit Learning Challenge, a first draft

Write a little, write a lot but write every day.

After writing in my private journal for one year and half a million words created, I took the challenge of posting an article per day for 30 days. I’ve never stopped since then, passing first for 100 daily articles published in a row and, with this one, reaching my 115th short essay.

Thanks to my fellow Brain Trusters friends’ help, I have committed myself to create a learning challenge where I share my lessons learned with a group of participants.

The first cohort will be alpha testers helping me with a draft outline to refine it and fine-tuning it.

Learning Challenge Outline (preliminary version)

  1. Express your interest in the “Write Every Day” Challenge
  2. Pass the initial test: you need to provide three articles
    1. 100 ideas (or 10? Would you dare…?)
    2. 100 words describing yourself
    3. 100 words telling why you want to write daily
  3. If accepted, I will add you to a private online community.
  4. You, me, and the other participants will be part of a group of people aiming at building a daily writing habit.
  5. For each of the 30 days:
    1. you will receive writing prompts and some inspiration as a reference
    2. you will get access to everybody else’s drafts with a chance to discuss and contribute
    3. you will publish a short article on the Web
    4. you will promote your essay with a Tweet
  6. At the end of the course, you will evaluate the possibility of continuing your writing challenge by being proposed to take part in the second cohort.

Subscription fee

My experience taught me that, as a participant, you have to put some money at stake, even a small quantity because it helps you stay motivated and work consistently. So even if at a heavily discounted price, there will be a subscription fee.


I will work on refining the outline and the collaboration environments this weekend with the hope of launching the alpha version privately to a restricted group of selected people. I have about 10 participants so far to be confirmed.

Would you like to participate?

Contact me to get more info.


(I’ve received precious help in writing this article from Narayan Kamath, Antonella Pastore  and Elizabeth Michael)

Write a little, write a lot but write every day.

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