Dear Future Me, Prepare to Be CREAZEE, Again

It's me, do you remember?

Dear Max of the 30 April 2021,

this is yourself from the past, the 7th of April. The CREAZEE Challenge is going on for seven days now. It is beyond any expectation you had in terms of participation, ideas, contributions’ quality, spirit.

You have questions in your mind and, wisely, you started to share them with your Challengers. You did well. They are involved in this project, they began to feel the importance of the daily writing habit building, and they will be an essential part of the community at the end of the month regardless of their future intentions.

Is CREAZEE a cohort-based challenge that repeats each month indefinitely? Or is the challenge an initial test to enter the community?

Daily writing is just a tool at the service of the most diverse variety of persons. Why don’t you tap into this fantastic collective of creatives to understand from them how they want to continue?

The Circle platform has excellent benefits but also some limitations: long threads of replies become quickly unmanageable. The forum-like platform is not well-suited to aggregate and distribute resources or organized pages. You need to develop a dedicated website for Challengers to publish book-like information and collect challengers’ contributions.

How did you manage the daily challenge workflow? Right now, the prompt release is starting the day while the collecting of all the articles is manual and tedious. Why don’t you delegate the “check-the-mark” process to the challengers, so they are even more in charge of giving proof of their daily writing?

Google Drive might not be elegant to collect the actual documents but demonstrated to be reliable and open. Even without community support, it’s always possible to access all participants’ articles organized by folder. The “Activity” tab at the group’s root folder is invaluable to give a log of who wrote what and when. That is a powerful feature to monitor group activity.

Did you organize live chats? You can give a lot of support to challengers and learn a lot from them if you just talk to them. It might be resource-demanding, but you should try to have at least one call per week to integrate the textual support provided through the community forum.

And, finally, have you prepared a final day of celebration? It will be necessary to celebrate the incredible achievement obtained by strangers gathered on the Internet to write for their life. How did you manage to give the proper importance to such a decisive goal?

Max, I am proud of you. In such a short time, you finally passed from dreaming to making this project a reality. You deserve to receive your group of challengers’ warm friendship because you created a fantastic little spot in the online world to be yourself together with others while growing and pushing for being better. Please take some time to reflect on this incredible month and be prepared, again, to be CREAZEE.

It's me, do you remember?
It’s me, do you remember?

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