Deceiving Habits

He always felt he was meant to be special. It’s a cultural problem when your family treat you ash you are not a common human being. He liked to play with other children, like everybody else, but he always felt there was something different. It was the ambition to know. The immense urge to know everything. He always felt stupid about that fixation. And, in fact, he knew much lest than everything, infinitely less, to be precise.

But when, in that small city in the countryside, he met that perfect stranger preparing street food, he felt again that thrill. When somebody in your family tells you that you are special and meant for something special, after so many years, you start to ignore it. Like you ignore your granny telling you that you are the most beautiful n the whole universe. It’s called love. And althought it makes you good, it’s also a typical human liability. So, when this stranger told him that she felt something about him, she felt like seeing in him something special. There it went, again. He felt that strange feeling again. 

Or maybe she was just a good saleswoman.

It must have been that.

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