Free-Flowing Explanation of the Free-Flowing Practice

Free-flowing means writing whatever is coming to your mind and passing through your mind. Without stopping. Without looking back. Not knowing exactly what you are going to write. Not even approximately, actually. The trick is to transcribe your thoughts, not to think about what you might think. Or you might want to think. You are actually thinking about what you are writing.

That could be a nice, impromptu explanation of what a free-flowing practice could be. I find it fantastic to warm up my fingertips and my neurons. Usually, it takes me from five to fifteen minutes to get in the flow. But if practice and I get accustomed to this way of creating spontaneously, then, I could be in the flow after a few dozens of seconds.

The point is: what are you going to expect from this when you are in the flow? You want to go beyond the rust and routine and, slowly, gently, reach out to your inner self and really touch your deepest thoughts. If you have the patience and the guts to keep on writing, at a certain magical point, you will forget about your surroundings, reality will fade away and leave space for the sound of your thoughts forming on the screen.

It’s not easy, the first time. And it’s really difficult to maintain concentration. Even the faintest noise could break the spell. Don’t stop. Insist and persist. During several months of practice, one day, you will discover yourself taking an inner journey into your thoughts with an unbreakable concentration. There will be no family member, no dog, no bill, no ugly noise able to get you out of your creative tunnel.


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