Free-Flowing Reflections on my Writing Practice

I have the thoughts I want to write down mostly when I am not in front of this screen. I need to collect them when I am walking or preparing coffee.

I cannot stand dozens of browser tabs open, innumerable lists of things to do, accumulated unread emails. I want to purge everything, restart from scratch and change the system because this is highly inefficient, frustrating and wasteful.

I have two main creative pulses: writing a journal about what I think and feel about what happens to me during the day and the desire to understand reality. They put me in two different moods, I tend to have urgent needs to journal but I consider it not always appropriate to be published. On the contrary I would want to have more articles with reflections and research but they are usually bits and pieces not refined enough to be published. I’d like to invert this balance.

I find it pleasing to read my daily notes one or two or more years later: it’s the connection I was looking for between my past, present and future selves. It gives more continuity to my life and contributes to increasing my self-awareness. Sometimes it’s superficial observations about practical things, some others it’s about how I react to life’s events. I am looking for this kind of continuity in my research: leveraging on the evolution of my thoughts on things which are not just intimate and personal but looks upon others and the world.

Reviewing and evolving my writings is what I lack and I desire the most. I am trying to be patience because I have so much available time to pursue my daily habit building practice. So I decided to keep it as it is until I’ve achieved the One Year Of Blogging goal which will happen sometime in November 2021. It’s an important experiment and I need not to miss its completion.

So far so good.

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