Futuring: Scoping

Future Scope’s Influencing factors:

  1. The stakeholders
  2. The context set by the motives
  3. Funding

Scoping starts with a question, from an individual, a team, or an organization,  framing and setting boundaries. It can spark an exploration or an exercise or a need to learn and mitigate potential risks, both internal and external to the initiator. The context could also be about the development of a new product or service.

According to the motives behind starting a futuring exploration, you can define the source, approaches and methods, ways to work, and final deliverables.

When framing the exploration you might have the need of restricting it to a certain time horizon or avoid certain topics according to the context. In some cases, a pilot project is the best approach to have a final outcome providing lasting value, even after the end of the project.

Notes from “How To Future” (2021) by Scott Smith and Madeline Ashby.